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Marshall Hall was an amusement park in Charles County, Maryland, next to the Potomac River, more or less across from Mount Vernon, Virginia, the home of George Washington. The site of a small amusement park dating from the 1890s, a modern amusement park was constructed there in 1966 and operated until 1980. It was a favorite of Washington, DC residents who often arrived by excursion boat.

The National Park Service tore down all vestiges of the amusement park in the 1970s. All that is left standing is Marshall Hall, the shell of the colonial home of the original Marshall family.

1974 Commercial for Wilson Line and Marshall Hall Amusement Park

The person who posted the video on YouTube says: "A rare clip of a now defunct amusement park that had been around since the 1890s in some form. The ship would take customers to both Marshall Hall and Mount Vernon. They had a contentious relationship with Mount Vernon (across the Potomac) who felt an amusement park should not be so close to the birthplace of George Washington. It was ultimately given the death blow by President Ford, who authorized the purchase of the property by the Park Service. It was dismantled and out of business by 1980."

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