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Southern Maryland Food Bank is located in Hughesville, Md. and is operated by Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington. The operation is currently managed by Brenda DiCarlo.

The food bank provides food directly to local pantries and soup kitchens, who in turn distribute to citizens in need. The food bank does not distribute food directly to individuals. The organization's website provides a list of pantries and soup kitchens that they help stock. These distribution points may also receive donations and funding directly from other sources.

The So. Md. Food Bank derives its income from Catholic Charities, as well as local individual and business contributors. Many local groups also organize food drives throughout the year and donate the food stuffs directly to the food bank. The local food bank uses its cash reserves to buy food directly from the Maryland Food Bank. Food is typically purchased from the state food bank on a per pound basis. This is why you will typically see the local food bank advertise that your donations enabled them to provide xx pounds of food.

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