William E. Colby

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Mr. Colby maintained a house at Rock Point on Cobb Island in Charles County. Mr. Colby went missing from his home on April 27, 1996. His body was recovered on May 6, 1996 from the Wicomico River where it was found underwater. The official story is that he fell from his canoe and drowned. A Washington Post article on May 11, 1996, attributes the authorities with the explanation that “William E. Colby died from drowning and exposure to chilly Southern Maryland waters after he fell from his canoe, probably having suffered a stroke or heart attack before the accident.”

Mr. Colby was perhaps best known for his stint as CIA Director. He was nominated to the post by President Nixon on May 10, 1973. He assumed the position officially on Sept 4, 1973 and held it until Jan 30, 1976. He was fired from the position for political reasons in late 1975 by President Ford who replaced him with George H. W. Bush.

Mr. Colby's death has been marred with conspiracy theories. Rather than illuminate them here, we leave that research to the reader. A Google search for the terms “william colby conspiracy” will give you insights to most of the theories.

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